18 things you will only understand if you are a singer 


So many people dream of a career as a singer. Competitions such as “Germany is looking for the superstar”, “The greatest Swiss talents” and as they all are called, many people are interested in becoming singers. Many people discover a talent that has been dormant for a long time and even teenagers are already seeing themselves as world stars on the big stages of the world, in duets with famous singers.

What do you need as a singer? A good voice is the number one requirement. Certainly a little luck, because without it you can achieve almost nothing in life and iron discipline. You have to keep many things, care for body, voice and health.

About the tedious life of a singer this list reports:

microphoneYou hum vowels

Everywhere you do it: On the street, in the subway, sometimes even in meetings. Normal for the singer, a little less normal for the people.

You stick out your tongue sometimes

The tongue must be moved to prevent cramping in the jaw. Again completely accepted in conservatories and backstage. However, one could reap one or the other oblique view if you do that on the street. Or how would you react if a stranger suddenly sticks out his tongue?

You need humidifiers everywhere

But it’s really dry here, right? Especially in offices one hears singers often hysterically looking for humidifiers.

You always order drinks without ice cubes

A hypothermia, the enemy of every vibrating vocal cord.

You have different identities

In the office you are yourself, with friends you are yourself, but on stage you mutate into a rock star, or to Don Giovanni, depending on that.

You are not very popular in the neighbourhood

Loud volume. Instrument lessons. Gargle. The neighbours do not like that…

audioYou are super proud when you add a note to your spectrum

For a long time, you trained for it. Many neighbours upset. But now it is there, in all its beauty: the next, higher tone.

You are allergic to sick people

No, nobody wants to get sick. But for a singer, a cold is bad for business. Accordingly, all of them avoid the dangers that a normal winter in our latitudes entails.

You practice register transitions

The supreme discipline of classical singing – the uniform transition from one register to the next. Even after two hours of warm-up exercises.

You love water

Nobody cares so actively about being hydrogenated all the time. Tea and water, the singer’s best friends.

Practice time is sacred

The hottest lover. The most tempting movie. The best book. Everything has to stay outside: the time spent practicing is sacred.

You have a strange understanding of social activities

A piano. And an audience. That’s enough. Although, the piano is optional.

You cannot understand why people are screaming

That’s bad for the vocal cords.


You know that you can sound bad in the practice room

Nobody sounds great from the first try. Practice creates masters.

You do not like karaoke. Actually.

Professional singers, or at least experienced amateurs do not like karaoke. Except after a few glasses or when they have heard enough bad singers.

You sing barefoot

At some point you no longer hop around with the high heels. Controlling the voice is difficult enough and the heels just make it unnecessarily difficult.

You speak Italian, French, German, English

Reciting in languages ​​that you do not really speak is commonplace. But you have to sound like talking fluently.

People are amazed at where you take so much time from

Hey, it’s your passion. Time just flies like that.