Best Song

Which song best describes our society? 


Music as a mean of communication

Humanity has been making music for many centuries, we have been singing songs for a long time. For just as long, the texts have to do with the respective context. They are among the current problems of society, the current issues, governments, wars, diseases.

So, every epoch has its song that best describes the circumstances, that describes people’s situations and points to problems that are there.

Our generation

What describes our generation? What makes us different? What defines our worldview? Is it the uncertainties? The possibilities to achieve everything, but not to accept liabilities? What we are looking for is the fulfillment, the fulfillment of our dreams, we are not willing to sacrifice our lives for the career and want to achieve a work-life balance that can actually be named as such. We are trying to reach higher goals, we want to change the world, we want to make sure that climate change stops, that justice is coming, that animals are spared, that our lives are getting better. That the EU is growing, that states are merging, growing together, not threatening each other, and finding more mutually agreed solutions. That people get along, become brothers, as Beethoven described it. That we are fighting, that war is never over again, that our children will have a better future and that they will have less to do with uncertain times.

musicWake up!

What fits better with such a life motto than a hymn? Arcade Fire has created a hymn with “Wake Up”: epic, broad, instrumental. With a choir, big words. The urge to presence. We’re just a million little gods provoking rainstorms that make all good things rusty Not the most explicit words that can be chosen, but rather subtle between the lines. While American bands here choose the offensive and move forward briskly, Arcade Fire here has chosen the quieter approach, with many instrumental parts, but have lost none of their motivating effect, the same as the listener, like direct incitement. Maybe they are even more insistent, because the melody does not get out of the listener’s head and lets him listen to the song again and again.