Modern rebels – bands that use music to protest


As a protest song, a song is called, which was created to protest against the status quo. The song is associated with a movement for social change and can come from different genres. Well-known are songs that highlight women’s rights, animal rights that should strengthen civil rights, but anti-war songs are also part of it. Nowadays songs are also sung against the consumption of meat or against the production of fur.

Music of the moment

musicThe fact that songs are perceived as protest music often depends on the situation, so well-known protest songs on the surface are actually love songs, but because of the background knowledge about the singer, the band and their history, the perception changes and the words have a different meaning. Thus Beethoven’s “joy, beautiful divine spark” already has such a note and is intended to bring humanity closer together.

Especially in the US, protest music is deeply rooted, where people have gathered in pubs and together, cheered and shameless, have sung about the actual state and have longed for change.

USA as a fulcrum – still

Music that protests can come from many genres. For example, in the 1990s, a group called “A Tribe called Quest” was successful. “We the People” was the most popular song and has unfortunately not lost its validity today: “All you black folks, you must go. All you Mexicans, you must go; All you blacks, you have to go. All you Mexicans, you have to go.” These lines have a very timely context, especially with the new president of the USA.

When police riots broke out in the United States a few years ago, it was the hour of Kendrick Lamar, who is the icon of the Black Lifes Matter movement with his song «Alright». The song, which is very hopeful, has served as a strong shoulder, as a song on which a whole movement can lean on.

Sarcasm and irony

Father John Misty’s “Bored in the USA,” a cynical, sarcastic anthem on the current status of the greatest nation in the world, a song that has brought some criticism, because the text does not leave a good hair alive in the United States, speaks of it that the education is bad and only a loan has been left hanging, in addition to the mortgage for a house that was left over during the subprime crisis, the crisis in which many homes have lost a large part of their value, and now throughout his life will burden.