Music videos that are better than the songs themselves


Today’s teenagers no longer know how important music videos are. When I went to elementary school, it was the afternoon job of watching MTV or even Viva. Even later, during puberty, especially the pieces of Shakira and Sarah Connor were popular with us guys, not because of the melody …

Lady Gaga “Bad Romance”

Probably many people will not even know the band by name. Nevertheless, the video is definitely recommended: The band jumps on the treadmills, totally acrobatic. Definitely worth seeing.

Daft Punk “Around the World”

Released in 1997, this video is still a blast today: instruments are brought to life, robots are the vocals, mummies are the drum machine. A visual firework.

Laid Back: “Baker Man”

If famous directors are directing, then something spectacular must come out of it: Lars von Trier has proved true acrobatics here, but the film is shot in freefall, with skydivers who, in addition to instruments on which they play, all sorts of strange things that you do not need at high altitude.

Blur “Coffee and Tea”

Animation videos are wonderful, since childhood this genre is popular and we are all fascinated by the technical skills of the creatives. In this video you can see a family at the breakfast table. Everyone is very depressed and you understand that the son has been missing for some time, because his photo is on the milk carton under “missing”. This box then goes in search of the missing person. On the way, the milk pack must pass all sorts of adventures. This music video is certainly one of the warmest hearts, what’s out there, in pop music.

R. Kelly “Trapped in the Closet”

The legitimate question is who would listen to this song without the music video. The song is actually not very remarkable, but you could even say it was bad. The video, hip-hop mixed with operas is monumental.

Dead life lasts longer, because in recent years, various journalists have written that with the new media like Spotify and so on, no more music videos would be produced. Nevertheless, a video is shot for most of the songs. What Viva was to us is for the new generation Youtube. The videos are pompous, often famous directors are used and written scripts, special locations are selected, extras are clamped and MTV awarded at the awards for the best video.

It will be interesting to see what awaits us and who will excel when with which video, because of course, every year is more pompous, more elaborate each year, better every year?